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Roof Reports

With years of hands on experience, there is no roof problem we haven’t encountered and resolved, no one is better placed to give you an intelligent honest roof report. If you’re buying or selling a house, this service could be invaluable.

Why? –  Save money, usually hundreds of pounds… sometimes much more.

When you buy a house, you naturally have it surveyed, but often the outside of the roof gets just a fleeting look from ground level as part of an over all surveying package. This could leave you ill informed and open to unforeseen costs.

Who for? – Private home owners or home buyers,  Estate agents,  Landlords ond Insurance companies

We can issue a fair, balanced roof report, taking into account overall condition for the age of the property and offer a comparison to similar properties of the same style and age.

Here are some of those key aspects:

  • Age and condition of roof covering ( Slates, Tiles etc )
  • Estimated remaining lifespan of roof and or flat roofs
  • Condition of ridge tiles or copings
  • Rainwater systems ( Guttering and downpipes )
  • Lead valleys, lead roofs, bay windows and lead flashings
  • Chimney stack check
  • Flat roof check all types
  • Structural problems like roof sag or roof spread
  • Recommendations and a price guide to fix problems.

Situations where a roof report may be useful are as follows:

  • Selling a house – The  survey flags up potential work that may be costly and not necessary. You can then use this as leverage trying to knock thousands off the asking price. Get an honest independent report from us.
  • Buying a house –  When buying a house, you could be wandering into large unforeseen costs, it really does pay to know the condition of any pitch or flat roofs. Any highlighted work may enable you to negotiate a more realistic price from the seller.
  • If your surveyor leaves question marks over certain aspects of roof condition, get honest independent advice form us.
  • Letting a property – Sometimes before a property is let out on a long term lease, it may be useful for the landlord or tenant to check roof condition. This is especially the case when either party is responsible for maintenance.

Annual Roof Inspection

The National Roofing Contractors Association recommends inspecting all roofs twice each year, once after the hottest weather and again after the coldest weather. It is these weather cycles that induce the most thermal stresses on roofs and manifest the greatest damage.

Advantages – Whether or not you have an older roof, or one that has been recently installed, a roof inspection is helpful to the sustained and ideal overall performance of the most significant component of the home.

You’ll often find surprising elements, which may well be limiting the performance of the roof for example severe storms, satellite dish installation, or severe changes in the weather. An annual roof inspection can avoid far more pricey repairs in the long run.

You can find roofing problems which are not effortlessly observed by the novice like moisture and leaking, which typically go undetected until a severe issue has developed. Moisture and leaks can cause damaging decay that will ruin interiors and decks. In the worst case scenarios it could trigger mold, which impacts the well being of the home’s inhabitants. Or the complete foundation of the house can turn out to be so severely weakened that it’ll wind up costing a small fortune to have the residence fixed, and back into a livable shape.

How Really Is A Roof Inspected? –  The very first objective with the roof inspection is to establish if you have any concerns that you would like us to look at. This will give us a starting point, and the ability to concentrate our initial diagnosis on addressing these troubles.

We would look at the six roofing components: roof deck, eaves protector, underlayment, shingles, ventilation and metal flashing, to ensure that that every little thing is installed appropriately and performing up to standard.

A Thorough Inspection Process for Prevention – We would need to be sure that each and every component of the roof is in working order. We will verify that the drip edge is correctly installed and operating, confirm proper ventilation, inspect gutters and vents and will also guarantee that all plumbing stacks and goosenecks are properly installed.

Checking for weather damage can be another priority – Hail is especially troublesome to the efficiency of any roof.  We will verify the flashing and ventilation for dents, and look for missing or excess granules from the shingles.

Prevention is the key for a roof that may survive decades. Regardless of whether you have an aged roof or a new installation, severe issues or none whatsoever; an annual evaluation will lead to long-life expectancy, as well as a leak and damage free house, for numerous years in the future.