Rooflights and Sun Pipes

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The primary reason for including rooflights is to provide a bright, naturally lit interior and reduce the requirement for artificial lighting. Daylight has many advantages over artificial light – not least the fact that it is a completely free, unlimited natural resource.

Whilst artificial light is essential, it’s provision uses a lot of energy, so reducing the requirement will dramatically cut energy use, and the CO2 emissions which result from this.

We can fit all type of rooflight to any property. Modern to A Listed, we can fit a light which will comply fully to all building legislation.



Natural daylight systems or ‘Sun Pipes’ are a fantastic way to bring light into a building where conventional windows are not possible.

From a bathroom in your home to School halls and Industrial buildings, a Sun Tube will change the look and feel of the place.

Sun Pipes are one of the most under rated ‘green energy’ products, as they can replace the need for electric lighting entirely, flooding the area with brilliant natural daylight.

From start to finish we can advise, plan and install a Sun Pipe in your home giving it the natural light that it’s missing.

Why not contact us today. By giving us your house number and postcode, we can look at your property on Google Street View which will save time and give us a better understanding of the job at hand