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Here at PK Roofing we're your local experts in flat roofing. With years of felt roofing experience we guarantee that we will provide quality workmanship and all at a highly competitive price.


Whether you want your felt roof replaced or a simple patch repair, we can improve the quality of your roof.

We can carry out the following :

  • Construction of brand new felt roofs

  • Restoring existing felt roof systems

  • Repairs to flat roofs

No matter what the size of the job you require, you as our customer can be sure that it will be handled with care and precision to the exact specifications you want. From a small felt roof repair to an entire felt roof, we deliver on every project.


Our craftsmen have been delivering sturdy, attractive, compliant new roofs to satisfied clients for decades. To find out more please contact us for more information. We will be more than happy to answer any queries you may have.



PK Roofing flat roof
Flat Roofs


PK Roofing offer top quality craftmanship for all of our roofs. . If you’re in the market for a new roof, it’s vital to identify the best suppliers for the job in hand. Yes, you want to pay a fair price. But you’ll also want to be certain the roofing firm you’ve taken on knows exactly what they’re doing.

Today’s building rules and regulations are complicated and they change regularly.

There’s a host of exciting new materials available on the market too, including state-of-the-art insulation materials designed to save you cash on energy.

To take full advantage of all this, and make sure everything’s done 100% properly, you’ll need to call in the experts. 

Our craftsmen have been delivering sturdy, attractive, compliant new roofs to satisfied clients for decades. All our work is guaranteed and you can rest assured we’re always up to date with the latest roofing developments, regulations, materials and technologies.

We’re happy to provide accurate, fast, sensible free estimates,  Last but not least, we always work hard, efficiently and as quickly as the weather permits!


PK Roofing
New Roofs


It’s possible that you will not need a new complete roof if you discover a problem or experience a leak in your house roof. Possibly a simple and relatively cheap repair to your roof will be all that is required, our roofing experts will come and advise you about the options you have.

Is your house or office roof suffering from one or more of these common roof problems?

  • Missing or slipped or broken tiles?

  • Slate roof needing repair?

  • Leaking chimney flashings?

  • Leaking lead valleys?

  • Dislodged and loose ridge and hip tiles?

  • Torn, ripped or missing felt / roof linings?


Lack of Maintenance –  Basic neglect or failure to detect and fix minor problems at the first sign of leaks or problems is one of the main reasons resulting in the need for more extensive roof repairs.

It’s natural that roofing materials deteriorate from exposure to the weather over time but the rate that they deteriorate is determined by the kind of material and the conditions of exposure that they experience. We regularly replace tiles that are over 100 years old, proving that if you fit a good roof then it will last a lifetime

PK Roofing
Roof Leaks


With years of hands on experience, there is no roof problem we haven’t encountered and resolved, no one is better placed to give you an intelligent honest roof report. If you’re buying or selling a house, this service could be invaluable.

Why? –  Save money, usually hundreds of pounds… sometimes much more.

When you buy a house, you naturally have it surveyed, but often the outside of the roof gets just a fleeting look from ground level as part of an over all surveying package. This could leave you ill informed and open to unforeseen costs.

Who for? – Private home owners or home buyers,  Estate agents,  Landlords and Insurance companies.

We can issue a fair, balanced roof report, taking into account overall condition for the age of the property and offer a comparison to similar properties of the same style and age.

Here are some of those key aspects:

  • Age and condition of roof covering (Slates, Tiles etc)

  • Estimated remaining lifespan of roof and or flat roofs

  • Condition of ridge tiles or copings

  • Rainwater systems  (Guttering and downpipes)

  • Lead valleys, lead roofs, bay windows and lead flashings

  • Chimney stack check

  • Flat roof check all types

  • Structural problems like roof sag or roof spread

  • Recommendations and a price guide to fix problems.


Black Roof
Roof Inspections


Here at PK Roofing we offer bespoke roof lights allowing for a brighter, naturally lit interior and to reduce the requirement for artificial lighting. Daylight has many advantages over artificial light- not least the fact that it is completely free. 

Natural daylight systems or 'Sun Pipes' are a fantastic way to bring natural light into a building where conventional windows are not possible. We offer this service for both domestic and commercial spaces, guaranteed to change the look and feel of the place. 

To find out more about the benefits of roof lights and sun pipes then please contact us for more information. We are a friendly team and will be more than happy to answer any queries you may have.


PK Roofing roof light

Need expert roofing?
Call us today on 01592 263024  to see how we can help you.

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